• 1896
    The Nugent family began mining sand for commercial use as W.F. Nugent & Bros. The company was located in downtown Louisville at 5th Street and 33rd Street.
  • 1908
    W.F. Nugent & Bros. was incorporated as Nugent Sand Company. The family dug sand and gravel from the Ohio River and loaded the materials onto wooden barges, which were then towed by steam-powered paddle-wheel boats to the company’s docks. Barges were unloaded with a steam shovel and deliveries were made by horse-drawn wagons.
  • 1930s
    Nugent Sand Company moved to the foot of Clay Street in Louisville, and its operations modernized as the steam-powered equipment became diesel-powered, the barges and boats became steel instead of wood, and deliveries began to be made by truck and rail instead of by wagon.
  • 1957
    Nugent christens the M/V Thomas C.L. Nugent, which continues to operate in its present-day fleet of towboats on the Ohio River.
  • 1962
    Nugent moved to its riverfront location at 1833 River Road, just minutes from downtown Louisville. The site remains the company’s headquarters.
  • 1984
    Nugent merged with its competitor E.T. Slider Company, which was owned by German investors who remain partners with the Nugent family
  • 1987
    Nugent purchased Martin Marietta's First Street Yard in Louisville and its Milton/Carrollton plant, doubling its sales volume and allowing the company to expand its reach up river into West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.
  • 1990
    Nugent purchased Billy Holloway Aggregates in Oldham County, Kentucky
  • 1992
    Nugent purchased Milton Sand and Gravel in Carrollton, Kentucky.
  • 1994
    Nugent purchased Spray Sand and Gravel in Columbus, Indiana.
  • 2001
    Nugent opened a dock and sales yard at Utica, Indiana.
  • 2002
    Nugent opened a 580-acre sand and gravel plant in Warsaw, Kentucky.
  • 2002
    Nugent launched a composting operation, entitled Nugent Organics, at its Utica, Indiana location.
  • 2003
    Nugent launched Got Rocks!, a subsidiary division of the company focusing on landscaping materials for commercial and residential customers, selling sand & gravel, limestone, topsoil and mulch products.
  • 2005
    Nugent began shipping sand by rail from its Louisville yard to a distribution yard in Lexington, Kentucky, in a partnership with R. J. Corman Railroad Company.
  • 2011
    Nugent purchased Johnson Materials, expanding its sand and gravel operations in Louisville and southern Indiana.
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