Golf Course, Turf, and Field Mixes

Nugent Sand and our Got Rocks! division supply custom material blends that serve a wide array of uses, such as:

  • Top dressing
  • Green mixes
  • Turf maintenance mix
  • Athletic fields mix
  • Garden soil
  • Public utility specification soil
  • The top dressing, greens, and turf mixes are blends of our natural sand and peat. Our products are used in regional public and private golf courses, professional and collegiate athletic fields, and other special projects.

    Our soils are blends of Nugent Organics' own topsoil, compost, and sand and have both commercial and residential uses. We supply soil blends for athletic fields, golf courses, and public greenspaces, and, for commercial projects, they meet public utility specifications for drainage. Our soils provide a consistent quality base and contain essential nutrients for lawns, gardens, and flower beds.

    All blends are metered and mixed at our plants, and they are available for pickup or delivery in bulk to job sites. Contact Us for more information about how our blends can serve your projects.

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