Nugent Sand Company

Stone and Hardscape Products

Nugent Sand Company offers a wide variety of stone and hardscaping products at its Columbus, Indiana location through its GotRocks! subsidiary.

Basket and Pallet Products
Pennsylvania Blue
Patterned Stone
(Columbus location only)
Stoneybrook Tumbled
Edging Stone
(Columbus location only)
Golden Quartz
(Columbus location only)
Old English
Garden Stone
(Columbus location only)
Hickory Grey
Tumbled Wall Stone
(Columbus location only)
Creek Flats
(Columbus location only)

Bulk Hardscaping Gravel
Canadian White Marble
(Columbus location only)
Rainbow Rock
(Columbus location only)
Red Lava
(Columbus location only)
Brown Building Stone
(Columbus location only)
Brick Chips
(Columbus location only)
Caramel Quartz Gravel
(Columbus location only)
(Columbus location only)
Tennessee River Gravel
(Columbus location only)
White Sand
(Columbus location only)

GotRocks! offers edging stones, natural limestone and slate paving stones. We also offer many landscaping aggregates, including red lava, crushed brick, rainbow rock, white marble, red granite, purple quartz, expanded shale, Tennessee River brown gravel, among others, along with our own glacial gravels.

GotRocks! offers various hardwood, cyprus and pine mulches. We also offer white sands for sand traps and landscaping.

Turf and Landscaping Products

Nugent Organics LLC
Compost · Blended Topsoil · Garden Mixes
Made from Louisville's recycled yard clippings
At our downtown Louisville location, a new Nugent Sand Company subsidiary recycles yard waste into compost which it incorporates into organic topsoil and garden and potting soil products offered both in bags through garden supply stores or delivered to you in bulk in 1 to 15 cubic yard dump truck loads.

Nugent Sand Company also offers the finest natural topsoils in the area. In Columbus we offer the real glacial topsoils that are the most fertile in the U.S. In the Louisville area we offer the Huntington/Wheeling series topsoil, the well draining loamy topsoil from the bottoms along the Ohio River, not the clay that our that many of our competitors sell. For the best natural topsoils, think of us. Our natural topsoils can be delivered to you in 1 to 15 cubic yard dump truck loads.

Nugent Sand supplies root zone and drainage layer mixes for sports surfaces and for golf greens and tees and recently supplied the University of Kentucky's new sport surface at Commonwealth Stadium (right). The contractor you see placing the material is RBI Sport of Littleton, Colorado. Nugent also supplied the root zone and drainage layer blends for Louisville's Slugger Field and the Cardinal Club golf course (below).

Cardinal Club Commonwealth Stadium Louisville's Slugger Field

Nugent Sand offers a special sand suitable for sand sculpting. Nugent recently supplied sand to a team of artists from Perm, Russia who were here at the invitation of Sister Cities of Louisville, Inc. to entertain patrons of the St. James Art Fair in Old Louisville.

Soils and Mulches by Nugent Organics
Garden Mix Compost Mulch Products

All of our locations offer our natural glacial gravels for landscaping. Gravel is durable - useful in paths and walkways, and as a ground cover.

Natural Glacial Gravels